Thursday, May 13, 2010

Banks in Schools

Recently I have seen a handful of articles about banks in schools. This article in the Washington Post and this post on a financial blog called The Sun's Financial Diary. As I read more and more about bank in school, I see them as a great opportunity to create awareness about money management, savings, investing and more. I also wonder how schools and teachers are taking advantage of these opportunistic.
  • What role are students playing in operating the banks?
  • How are teachers incorporating the material into their classes and in which subject areas do they include information on banks and banking?
  • What role are the banks playing in providing educational material or support?
My initial thoughts about topics that could be explored in math classrooms are:
  • what does a bank do with your money and how do they make money?
  • savings and growth
  • interest (for savings and borrowing)
  • lending
  • account fees and models for how much various ways of managing ones money might cost
Does anyone have experience with banks in their schools?
Are there other math concepts that make sense to people?


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